Baseball formed around the 18th century in the sport as it is now known as baseball or baseball in English. at first glance it might be an easy game, but on the other hand it also seems a bit complicated due to all the different rules, field positions and techniques.

Baseball is a major sport worldwide, although the emphasis is in America, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

We will explain the basic rules and most important rules of the game of baseball and give an idea of ​​what is involved in the sport of baseball. With the basics about baseball you can play well outside the game together with others recreationally, or of course in competition at a baseball club.

The most important league at the highest level in the world is Major Leauge Baseball (MLB). Every year in a season from April to October, there is a competition through seasonal matches for a place in the play-offs and the final World Series, the final.

Baseball field and basic rules

Baseball is played on a field with a number of fixed points. There is a home plate from which to hit, and there are three bases connected to home plate by a square in lines. The size between the bases is 27.5 meters. The lines from home plate to 1st base and the line from home plate to 3rd base are the boundary of the field of play. This playing field ends in the distance with a back line, the outer court fence, which is on average about 100 meters away. Finally, in the center of the base area is a pitcher’s mound, 18.45 yards from home plate. Each team also has a dug-out and coach boxes are available.

Each team consists of 9 players and in some cases a 10th player as designated hitter in place of the pitcher. Each player gets an at bat on offense (except the pitcher in the case of a designated hitter) and fulfills a specific task in the field in defense.

The basic equipment required to play baseball are; a baseball, a baseball bat and gloves for catching the balls. The catcher also has extra protective clothing and the players whose turn it is to hit wear a batting helmet at that moment. Furthermore, shoes with spikes are usually played for extra grip.

Baseball field positions

The field positions and duties in baseball are divided as follows:

  • Pitcher – the one who throws the balls from the throwing mound to the opponents.
  • Catcher – the pitcher’s backstop at home plate.
  • 1st baseman – the guard at 1st base, to tag out opponents on base.
  • 2nd baseman – the guard at 2nd base.
  • 3rd baseman – the guard at 3rd base.
  • Short stop – this defends the field between 2nd and 3rd base with quick catches.
  • Right fielder – the distant man who defends high and far balls on the right.
  • Leftfielder (left fielder) – the distant man on the left side of the field.
  • Midfielder (center) – defends the deeper midfield.

Game play baseball

The game progress is as follows; each team has the chance to accumulate points by getting as many people as possible safely across the bases until they return to home plate. Players are only allowed to run after a well-hit ball that is not caught directly from the air. If a player does not get out safely on one of the bases or home plate in time, he can be put out by the defenders.

A player is out if he cannot return to a previous base because it is occupied, or cannot reach 1st base after the strike because the ball is already there at 1st baseman who makes an out by touching the base. to hit with the ball in the hand or glove.

When catching a ball in the air from the strike, an out is also made and all players who were already on base must return to original base in time. A player cannot be put out safely on base.

When a team has received three outs, its turn changes to the opposing team. A baseball game is played over 9 innings (9 innings).

Hitting the ball and throwing (pitching) are the most important basic parts of the baseball game. There is a lot to tell about it, and we’ll give you at least the basic techniques used in baseball later on.

The game between batters and pitchers can be very exciting. Together with the catcher, the pitcher determines the strategy for each coming ball. This is mainly done by hand gestures.

Hitting technique and pitching

In an at bat, a batter has three attempts to hit the ball, provided that the ball is thrown correctly within the strike zone. If the throwing is outside the strike zone, it is a foul ball from the pitcher. With 4 foul balls, a batter may run to first base unimpeded.

The hitting zone is the area directly above home plate, which is between the bottom knee and bottom shoulder height of the batter.

When hitting, the goal is to play the ball in the field without catching it. When a base is reached, it is called a single . The ultimate in striking the ball is to hit it over the end of the field, giving you called a home run wins. With a homerun you can walk all bases to home plate and you immediately score a run. Any players who were already on base may also continue to home plate and each also score a run.

A team remains at bat as long as the three outs are not made by the opponent. The scoring is such that 1 point is scored for each player who crosses home plate.

The pitcher has a lot of influence on the game because he can influence the strokes of a batter. Good pitchers try to throw as many good balls as possible in such a way that a batter hits too late or incorrectly. By making three ‘strikes’ or ‘strikes’ with a batter, one is eliminated and the batter can go back to the bank. The basic techniques a pitcher can use include the following:

  • Fastball = a hard straight ball, intended to make a batter hit too late.
  • Curve ball = a curved ball with great effect.
  • Change-up = a slowing ball.
  • A ball = a ball deliberately thrown outside the strike zone.

Baseball facts

  • A baseball weighs between 141 – 149 grams.
  • The diameter of a baseball is between 73 – 76 mm, the circumference between 229 – 235 mm.
  • A professional pitcher throws a baseball on average 90 miles per hour.
  • The Major Leauge in America is the most prestigious baseball league in the world.
  • Barry Bonds is the player with the most home runs with a total of 762 home runs.
  • Barry Bonds also has the most homeruns to his name in 1 season, namely 73, in 2001.
  • Alexander Rodriquez, aka A-Rod, was well on his way to breaking the record. He is the youngest player to break the 500 home run milestone. Recent suspensions have severely limited his chances of doing so.
  • Baseball was no longer an Olympic sport in 2012 and 2016, but the IOC has announced that baseball will be part of the Olympic program again during the games in Tokyo 2020!