Every batter’s dream is to hit one out of the park. Home runs are not only exhilarating, but they are also an important part of any baseball game. They bring your team fame and a guaranteed run. Swinging for the fences begins with a strong swing, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of touching all four bases at the same time.

Here are some ways by which you can get that sweet home run for your team-

  1. Using the right bat.

One of the important factors of wining a homerun is having the right baseball bat. While there are many factors to consider while selecting a bat, the most crucial factor is comfort. Swinging should first and foremost feel natural to you. Take your dominant hand and hold the bat parallel to the ground to discover the right bat. It should be a bit weighty and tough to grip. Choose a bat that is a third of an ounce lighter than this one. When you smash a ball with a wooden bat, it makes a beautiful cracking sound, but if you’re looking for a home run (and you’re not a major leaguer), you should use a composite bat. You can make the ball go farther by making it come off the bat faster, and one of the best ways to do so is to make the bat-ball impact as energy-efficient as possible. Composite (as well as metal) bats, on the other hand, are hollow. They squish down a little when the ball hits them, then bounce back out, returning part of the energy from the compression to the ball.

2.Using The legs

One of the great rules of scoring a homerun is while swinging you should use your legs and hips, both of them should work. While aiming for a homerun legs should be bent and your posture should be wide at first. After you’ve gotten into your stance, you should be able to drop the bat and feel like you could guard a shooter on a basketball court or play defence on a soccer field.This type of playing  comes from the right balance, athleticism, and the ability to erupt from that posture are all required. You should be able to move your legs back and forth while staying inside them. Instead of rocking up onto each leg, shift athletically while maintaining a solid stance inside your feet.

3.Knowing the right pitch to hit

The pitcher delivers the ball at this point in the toss, which is normally when his arm is at its strongest. The ball is frequently released just past the pitcher’s thigh in softball. Soon after the ball is launched, begin swinging.This is the most effective method for timing your swing. You can start your swing when the ball is released if you know when the ball is released.When a ball thrown closer to your body, you can put all of your strength behind it. Your body will turn and catch the ball on the inside of the bat, “drawing” it and making contact with the “sweet spot” of the bat as you swing.

4.Angling at the ball

All you have to do now is nail the angle once you’ve chosen the appropriate ball, bat, and ballpark, as well as swung as hard as you possibly can. According to Nathan, the best launch angle is between 25 and 30 degrees (above parallel with the ground). That’s the perfect balance of maximum distance travelled while yet providing enough lift for the ball to exit the park.

5.Keeping the eyes on the ball

This one falls within the “how to hit a ball” category. However, if we want to smash a ball hard, we must focus our eyes and bodies on the ball for as long as feasible. When people swing forcefully at the ball, they frequently “fly open,” or move their front shoulders out and away from the ball. This gives the impression that you’re swinging harder when all you’re doing is lengthening your swing and decreasing your chances of good contact. To achieve the firmest contact and hence hit the ball the hardest, we must retain our eyes on the ball during the swing and keep our front shoulders in place until after the ball has been struck. After all, the balls that fly the farthest off the bat hit the sweet spot. The first key in hitting with power is striking the ball on the right portion of the bat, regardless of how hard you’re swinging.