Baseball is a two-team bat and ball field game played by two teams on opposite sides. It started in the United States in the 1700s and 1800s. This game earned the name of ‘US’ pastime sports because of the sheer amount of people playing the game. Now that so many people play the game, it is only fair today baseball is the best sport in the world, and here’s why –

  • An old traditional sport

The game is as old as time, coming out in the 17th and 18th century; the game has many of the first traditions that remain even today.

  • The Unique Stadiums

Baseball is the only sport whose stadiums are very different; each stadium is built with various field dimensions. We could argue saying other sports have impressive stadiums within other sports, but Baseball stands genuinely unique with its different shapes of stadiums that are sometimes bizarre and truly one of a kind.

  • There is no time limit.

When time is relative, it stands true for Baseball; it’s the only sport that keeps the game going until either of the teams wins. It doesn’t matter who is leading in a game. The match goes on until the end; even if the clock runs out, both the teams have to finish their turns.

  • Long Tournaments

Baseball tournaments are one of the longest, surpassing any other sports. The major league baseball, MLB, has over 162 seasonal games, after which they move onto postseason games. The television broadcasts a baseball game all around the year.

  • Diverse Athletes

Unlike other sports, Baseball does not require a fixed physique to play the sport. People of different body types can play the game and equally participate. There is no specific bar that separates the individuals who can play the game and who cannot. Everyone gets an opportunity, and everyone has a role to play.

  • Extensive Teamwork

Baseball is a game that only works if there is a good rapport between the team. Each player has a different set of skills that are to be used in the game. The 9-10 positions in baseball are an example to see how other players would require different skills that, in the end, works for the team.

  • Getting the Homerun

One of the memorable events of any sport is being able to take away something from the game. Baseball is the only game that allows you to keep the ball if it goes out of bounds. Many people would get so excited for a homerun, to wait and be able to get the ball played by their favourite player.

  • America’s Favourite Pastime sport

Baseball got the all glorified nickname because of the hardships the game stood with America during its civil wars, and then through time and the present era. The game was developed long ago and remained one of the most popular sports in the world.

  • Fan Base

For any sport to be intense, it’s the fans that give the support. Baseball fans are some of the best fans in the world; they support their team with passion and stick with them. The strong will and support during the games make the players even more fired up for the match.

baseball game

The popularity of baseball is not something new; it has been around for many years; the game has been around for many years and still is one the most popular sports in the world. Even though baseball as a sport is constantly evolving through time, the game’s major traditional methods and rules are still alive, making it even more admirable to all than any other popular sport.