Throwing a baseball is an essential component of the game. In addition, proper throwing technique might give your aspiring player a head start on the field. Use this simple tutorial to learn how to throw a baseball from arm action to posture to gripping the ball properly.

STEP 1 – Getting into Position-

Before throwing the baseball, your complete body should be placed into the “ready position”. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart with your knees slightly bent, your torso relaxed, and your hips and shoulders aligned.

Start by holding the ball in your glove toward your chest. This puts it in an excellent position for you to throw it quickly. Make sure your feet aren’t too far apart.

Starting with your feet at a level distance, take a step away as you throw. This step should not be taken before you begin throwing.

Even while throwing, maintain your initial position.

STEP 2- The Grip

The next stage is to hold the ball once you’ve gotten into position. Although it may appear that simply holding the ball is sufficient, it is essential to hold with appropriate grip.

Place your index and middle fingers across one of the rows of appears, with your thumb right underneath as a third holding point. Curl your ring and pinky fingers slightly beneath the ball to help support it.

A 4-seam grip is the best grip for a challenging, straight throw. This is accomplished by placing your throwing hand’s middle and index fingers perpendicular to the horseshoe of the seams on the baseball.

Correctly holding the ball along the seams has a favourable impact on the throw’s speed and trajectory. Your throw will be more likely to be straight rather than bent if you hold it this way.


One of the most crucial aspects of throwing a good ball is moving your joints correctly.

Wrist, elbow, and shoulder are all included. All three of these should be moved together in a good throw. If any of these joints are stiff and don’t move when you throw, practise moving them vigorously during each wind-up.

  • Position of the Upper Body

Your accuracy will be substantially improved if your upper body is aligned correctly. Maintain a line of sight between your shoulders and where you want the ball to go (not squared up, but one in front of the other).

Use them like a gun’s sight. Maintain a straight line of sight. If you have a habit of tilting your head toward your throwing arm, your elbow will drop, and you will throw more sidearms.

  • Position of the foot

You are having your feet in the ideal position possible so you can work with your body to create the best throw possible. Line up your body with your feet toward the target you’re attempting to hit.

By taking shuffling steps toward your destination, your feet can generate momentum. This momentum will allow you to get more on your throw and make your body function a little easier, resulting in increased accuracy.

Just before you throw, your feet will move from in line with your target to your front foot, pointing at your target. It’s like pulling a rubber band back in this position with your hand still in the firing position. The further you pull it back, the more intense it becomes.

STEP 4- Throwing the ball

Put the three together to throw the ball once you’re sure of your stance, grip, and joint movement. Your torso should be turned away from your target, and the ball should be held near your chest with your throwing hand.

While throwing, make sure you –

  • Keep your ball at your chest.

Hold the ball in your glove in the centre of your body, around chest height, with your throwing hand and put your target in your vision while aligning your feet and shoulders.

  • Front and Back Coordination

You separate your glove from the ball when you begin to throw your baseball.  Your throwing hand will be in the correct position of your back if your glove elbow is straight towards your target.

Your throwing hand will be far behind your torso if you close your body off, making an accurate throw considerably more difficult. Your two sides are in opposition to one another. Hence it is crucial to make sure they are coordinated.

  • Getting the baseball behind you from being in front of you

When your hand can no longer go back, it’s time to put it in the most assertive posture possible to throw the ball. Keep in mind that you’re going to turn the ball around, so it’s facing the centerfielder (if you were pitching off the mound).

This position will cause your body to generate as much torque as possible. Your glove hand will extend outside and slightly upward, pointing in the direction of where you are throwing the ball.

  • Taking your chest to the glove while throwing the baseball

Bring your front elbow back into your body while keeping your glove in front of you so that it ultimately touches and meets up with your chest. You want to keep everything as snug as possible.

The tighter you become, the faster you’ll be able to fire. This is comparable to how ice skaters move their limbs closer to their bodies when they want to spin more quickly. This technique will initiate some torque while also causing your legs to fire and your hips to open toward your target.